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Tailor made to your exact requirements

Purchase devices tailor made to fit your specific requirements

Purchase our devices at a special price based on individual quote for your business!

Purchase device with software included

Our company meets the requirements of today's market - we offer devices paired with optional bespoke sofware solutions designed to support your business growth.
All this regardless of the system you currently use.

Long term hire of scanner devices

Devices for hire are a new trend in today's industry and a fast growing market. We are able to rent out our devices based on your company requirements. This package includes all necessary servicing and replacement devices for the time of repairs.


All our devices come with 2 year warranty.We offer temporary replacemente devices for the time of servicing.


Get in touch with our sales team for a quote!

Intelligent 2D barcode scanner - glove

1D / 2D barcode support, IP65 rating, replacable 550 MAH battery, up to 50m range

PS02 is a wearable barcode scanner utilising bluetooth technology.
it is the most lightweight and ergonomic scanner available on the market
The scanner was designed with efficiency in mind, specifically within industrial sector, including production and logistics.

2D barcode scanner - smart watch

1D / 2D barcode support, Android 5.1 Operating System, Dual Core CPU, 1750 MAH battery, 2.2 inch screen

EW02 is an industrial grade barcode scanner in a smart watch format.
It was designed to allow for use as a smartwatch or a glove.
This solution allows for creating unique synergies within the production and logistics businesses.

Package it! Get a device and software solution

If you are concerned you won't be able to deploy our devices into your processes, or your ERP / WMS solution will not allow for a full integration - you have come to the right place!


Step 1

We start with a comprehensive audit to highlight all potential improvement points.
This will allow us to map the processes in place and pin-point what can be fixed.




Based on the audit findings we build a bespoke pricing model for the software and hardware solutions crucial to your business improvement!

Project Planning

Project Planning

Step 3

At this stage we build a software model tailor made to your business requirements.
We also work closely with your staff to ensure you have input into all stages of development, which guarantees a better end result!

Go Time

Go Time


This is the last step of the way - our specialists will deploy and run all applications designed for your production environment.
We offer a full support during this stage!

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